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Our wonderful group of experts creates all the content provided to you on this website. We strongly believe that iGamers should receive safe access to reputable online casinos, and we are firm on bringing you incredible offers from credible websites. 

When your personal finances are involved, you likely want to know who is on the other side of the screen. Allow us to break the ice and introduce ourselves!

Our Mission, Objectives and Principles

Our main task is to deliver a modern platform that can bridge the gap between gamblers and trusty online casinos. Each member of our team has a passion for the iGaming scene, and we know better than most that individuals want a safe space to spend their money. When personal finances are involved, one has to be very careful where they share their financial details. 

The European gambling sector saw an 8% rise in revenue in 2022, reaching €108,5 billion. It’s no wonder that we see so many new casinos enter the scene monthly. Unfortunately, a good portion of these websites are either unlicensed or have dodgy permits, like those issued by the Republic of Curaçao.

Some are just copies of other existing sites, repackaged with a new design. They offer nothing new to their customers. In the worst cases, choosing the wrong website for your betting needs might mean you won’t receive your winnings. But that is a minor problem compared to the possibility of significant financial losses you can experience by registering at unlicensed or fake online casinos.

Even if you are set on looking for a casino on your own, you’ll be spending hours online not doing what you love. It can be time-consuming to browse through hundreds of casino sites on your own, attempting to sort the good from the bad. Even if you don’t know what to look for, you might come across an illegal platform. Instead, our website offers a solution!

Our Answer

Save all this time looking for the next best platform and focus on enjoying yourself! 

Our team carefully examines all the casinos you will find on megajoker.org. Not only that, but we also have some exclusive offers for our readers, which will boost your game session and offer tons of excitement. Don’t worry! We don’t just partner with any old casino that sends us a friendly email. We do extensive background checks to ensure our readers can trust them.

Once they have ticked off every aspect of our criteria, we can confidently recommend them to our readers.

About Our Criteria

All casinos you will see on our site are our official partners. Due to our affiliation with them, we are able to give our clients access to bonuses and more advantageous offers that they otherwise wouldn’t know about. 

Of course, we don’t just say yes to any casino that desires to be featured. It takes a lot more to become our trusted partner. In fact, we have a high standard for all casinos so you can get the secure and exhilarating experience you are looking for. Discover our screening procedure:

  • Our team checks that the casinos have an active and valid gambling licence.
  • We ensure the casinos have been certified by third-party game testers such as eCOGRA, which guarantees the operator will offer fair odds and game results.
  • Next, we check that you will be able to play Mega Joker and other exciting casino games.
  • We review the deposit and withdrawal methods at the casino to ensure a wide range of them are available. 
  • We research the casino brand and only accept casinos with positive user feedback. 
  • Finally, we see if the casino provides its patrons with tools for safe gaming.

If all the above are in check, then we know our readers are in good hands. Then we move on to picking out one of their bonuses, and we add it to our offers.

The GreenLeads Team

Our diverse team comprises experts worldwide, each a savant in their own line of work. Aside from our hard-working content writers, we also have a first-grade software engineer and marketing experts who help us spot a fishy website from miles away. We all have a passion for casino games and are adamant about creating a website that will bring you closer to a secure and thrilling casino experience. 

Currently, our HQ is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. However, our team consists of professionals from the US, Malta, and Great Britain as well. We work hard to maintain a worldwide workforce and choose staff based on their qualifications. 

Are you curious about who is behind this platform? While there are dozens of people we’d like to introduce you to over a cup of coffee in our office, for now, here are two of our most valued members:

Michael Rose

Michael Rose


Michael really loves games. His favourite kind – the ones where he can come out richer than he started! He’s always been passionate about winning, and he takes his gambling very seriously. There’s no better man to ask about the latest slots in development, the best RTP and bets to choose, and how to keep your cool, whether you’re winning or losing. What’s more, he’s tried it all and can tell a good casino from a bad one in a heartbeat!

Judy Haynes

Judy Haynes


Judy doesn’t play when it comes to matters of the coin. Or rather, she plays – to win! She’s been in and out of most Las Vegas casinos, and even worked at some of them before joining our team. Judy knows the ins and outs of the industry, both as a player and as a casino representative. Her reviews always take both points of view into consideration, resulting in the thorough evaluation of each casino that comes to her attention.

Organisational Culture and Core Ethics

We realise the value of fostering creativity to establish a healthy work environment for our team members. We choose to turn away from the corporate approach for this reason. Rather, our goal is to create a distinctive work environment that fosters teamwork and individual development.

We offer paid resources and applications that our staff members can use for free. We also update our online library with guides, courses and workshops that can help improve our employees’ skills and learn new things in their sector. 

Additionally, our company sets aside a budget for the personal development of each staff member, which they can spend on specific courses. We encourage members of GreenLeads to chase after their personal improvement and hone their skills.

But don’t get us wrong. We love to have a good break from time to time. We like to keep everyone happy by organising special teambuilding events where staff can relax, network and, most importantly, have fun! 

In their lifetime, the average person works 90000 hours. We want to make sure that that time is spent doing something you enjoy in a great environment where our staff can thrive. Aside from the great getaways and teambuilding events, we also offer other benefits to our employees. 

Professional training aside, staff also receive a sports card, which allows them access to hundreds of sports activities in the city, which they can enjoy for free. 

Moreover, we pride ourselves on the superior health insurance plans each member can access. 

The physical and emotional well-being of our team is essential. We don’t want to see them leave because this aspect of their life is underappreciated.

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